The TwinPro Update: 2024-02

It’s February! The shortest month but also the month with the most birthdays for team members – Chris on February 2, Vanessa and Frank on February 15, and Jeff on February 18. In addition to being a busy birthday month it’s also a busy month in the world of National Meetings! This year we produced lots of standard sales collateral like sell sheets, leave behinds lanyards and card, directional signage, and other mock-ups but we also provided some neat speciality items like branded t-shirts, iPad sleeves, balloons, leather-bound notebooks, pens, lanyards, fabric bags, jumbo character standees, and more. We love it when folks come to us with wild and fun ideas!

February is also the start of the CrossFit Open. It’s a three-week long, worldwide fitness competition that kicks off on February 29. Chris’s 14-year old son Ewan has been training hard all year long and looks poised to make it to the National level. Follow his progress online via Instagram or the official CrossFit Open leaderboard.

** IMPORTANT INFO **– Our offices and production will be closed for Family Day on February 19.- Clocks spring ahead on Sunday, March 10 – that’s only a few weeks away!

Want to ensure you send us everything we need for your project? Use the Package feature within all of the Adobe programs! By using this you can be sure that all of the image, fonts and other elements used in your design get collected, placed into a proper folder structure, and then are ready to transfer to us for output. If you’re not familiar with this process here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Create your files as always. Once your design is complete and the file has been saved go to the File menu and select “Package…”
  2. In the next pop-up check that it is free of errors. If there are errors go back and correct them, save and start again. Once you are error free click “Package…”
  3. The final pop-up window is how you choose where to save the Package, and what to include. Make sure you “Copy Fonts”, “Copy Linked Graphics”, “Update Graphic Links In Package”. We suggest that you also “Include IDML” and “Include PDF (Print)” and select the appropriate PDF format. Next month we’ll share details about a PDF Preset you can install that will build the ideal PDF for printing at our end, but for now choose the PDF you want to include as it’s just for reference at our end. For now.
  4. Once completed you will have a folder on your computer that contains all the files needed to output this project. Zip that file, upload it to our FTP, and leave the rest to us!