The TwinPro Update: 2024-04

Twenty Years
Can you believe that April 2024 marks my TWENTIETH anniversary at TwinPro? Wow! I can’t hardly believe I’m old enough to have done anything for 20 years but it’s true. And what a fun twenty years it’s been. Special thanks to all of the amazing clients, suppliers and Team TwinPro members who’ve made this a most excellent adventure.

Now in many companies these days sticking around for 20 years is an impressive feat – but here at TwinPro World HQ we’ve got lots of long-termers; on the employee and the client side we have multiple examples of 15+, 20+, 25+ and 30+ year relationships. And that’s likely the stat that I’m the most proud of! 🙂

Hunting Season
We mentioned last month that we’re looking for a new General Manager and a Sales Person. We’re also on the hunt for a new printing press. It’s time to retire our old “Red Press” as replacement parts are hard to find, and it just cannot keep up with the demands of our business. If all goes to plan before the end of the year we’ll have a shiny new 6-colour Komori cranking out sheets. We’ll post lots of progress photos and stories as it happens. It’s quite the process to see one of these machines get torn down, trucked away, and then a new one built. And if you want to come see the Red Press, or any of our equipment, reply to this email and we’ll arrange a tour.

We’re always looking for new business. if you know someone who could use our help please pass along our details. We’ve got operators standing by to take their call!

Did you know that we also do basic video editing and motion graphics?
Neither did we until we did it! 🙂

If you’ve got a video that needs adjustments, perhaps adding closed-captioning for a second language, swapping the VoiceOver, adding some graphical content, etc., please get in touch. We’re definitely not a full-blown production house but for basic, and some intermediate services, we’re ready, willing and able to make it happen for you.